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Debunking Supernatural Myths: Part I

This post is based on a sermon titled ‘Debunking the Supernatural’ by Ben Thompson on Sunday 5 May, 2024. Listen to the full message here.

In a world often driven by the tangible and the visible, it’s easy to overlook the realm of the supernatural. The supernatural is not an added feature reserved for a select few; it’s the very fabric of our existence. From our families to our workplaces, from our mental health to our relationships, the supernatural influences every facet of our lives. It’s not a secondary aspect but rather the essence of our reality.

There’s a delicate balance between acknowledging the supernatural and underplaying its significance. Often, we either overlook its presence or exaggerate its power. In this post we’ll focus on the former—underplaying the supernatural.

Myth #1: The Devil is Absent

Satan isn’t a fictional character from folklore; he’s a fallen angel, a created being. Drawing from Isaiah 14:12-15, we’re reminded that Satan’s rebellion against God led to his expulsion from heaven. However, Satan’s limitations are crucial to understand—he isn’t omnipresent, omniscient, or omnipotent like God. He can’t be everywhere at once, predict the future, or read our minds. His tactics often involve exploiting our past mistakes and instilling guilt, but his power is limited.

Myth #2: Satan is Victorious

The battle between good and evil isn’t a stalemate; Jesus secured victory on the cross. While Satan may exert influence, he’s ultimately defeated. Satan’s realm isn’t a kingdom of indulgence but a place of punishment prepared for him and his followers. Recognising Jesus’ supremacy is key to understanding the asymmetry of this conflict.

Myth #3: Satan’s Efforts are Futile

Though Satan attempts to sway us with lies and temptations, his authority is usurped by the name of Jesus. We, as believers, possess the authority to resist his schemes. By aligning ourselves with God’s truth and declaring His promises, we can thwart Satan’s advances. Anointing our homes with oil and vocalising our prayers amplify our spiritual authority.

Embracing the Reality of our Authority

Understanding the supernatural isn’t about fear but empowerment. Knowing that God has already secured victory enables us to confront spiritual attacks with confidence. By acknowledging our identity as children of God and wielding the authority bestowed upon us, we can navigate the spiritual realm with assurance.

As we journey through life, let’s not underestimate the reality of the supernatural. Our faith isn’t merely a set of beliefs but a spiritual battleground where our choices and declarations hold power. By embracing our authority in Christ and standing firm on His promises, we can navigate the unseen realm with courage and resilience.